lunes, 26 de abril de 2010


Me gusta la gente que vibra, que no hay que empujarla , que no hay que decirle que haga las cosas, sino que sabe lo que hay que hacer y lo que hace. La gente que cultiva sus sueños hasta que esos sueños se apoderan de su propia realidad.

I like the people who vibrates that it is not necessary to push it That it is not necessary to tell them the thigs that they should do,cause they know what it is necessary to do and what they does. The people who cultivatesthem dreams until these dreams get hold of them own reality.

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carlastyle dijo...

me encanta la foto de la chica con las medias rotas!
porcierto muy original el titulo del blog! me encanta!
vista mi blog si quieres un besoooo!!!

Fabi dijo...

amaziiiiiiiiiing photos!!!
follow you, your blog is incredible!

Ellen dijo...

Really cool pics. Love the ripped tights...I'm not brave enough to rock 'em :/

CTRL + ♥ dijo...

wow i love your blog.



ColorHater dijo...

Great pics :)

mel dijo...

love these photoss! my favourite is the polaroid shot!

Bunnyears dijo...

last picture is so funny! nice inspiration!

Josefin Arestav dijo...

hey there! Just have to say that the photos are so inspiring! And that is most certainly what I need now, some inspiration!
Unfortunately I don't know much spanish though but I study it in school so I know the basics anyway ;)